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The idea for our cookies appeared in our kitchen. One day my husband and I were talking about the negative impacts of sugar on our bodies and ways of reducing this impact without too much sacrifice.

We checked most of our sweets at home and found out that enormous amounts of sugar are present in each one of them. That’s how we came up with an idea of lower sugar cookies. A few months later, after trying out multiple recipes we came up with our unique formula for the cookies! We use only high quality ingredients to achieve the best results. Also, we made our cookies vegan, so that people that are on a vegan diet can enjoy these treats too! But don’t worry, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy them.

Our unique recipe is made in a way that even people that don’t tend to follow a vegan diet will still love the product. We also have an amazing Gluten Free recipe for those that prefer this option. Our cookies are always fresh and they are HAND made at our authorized commercial kitchen. We have all of the necessary licensing obtained for online and retail sale so you can purchase our cookies with confidence that they are not only tasty, but also safe.

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